Scholarship Information and Application


For a printable copy of the application, click here.  For a printable copy of the policies shown below, click here.


  1. Any member of THUMC planning to enroll in an accredited institution for any post-secondary education, and desiring to receive a THUMC scholarship may submit the Trinity Heights Scholarship form.
  • Four year College in Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • Junior College
  • Vo-tech Institution
  1. Scholarships are not limited by age or date of graduation from high school, nor limited to current graduating high school seniors.  However, application forms shall be mailed to all high school seniors who are members of THUMC by February 1 of each year, and the congregation shall be notified of the availability of the scholarship and the necessity of making an application by publishing a notice in the Trinitarian in the months of February and March, and notices in the weekly church bulletin during these months.
  2. Application deadline is April 1 each year.
  3. The Christian Education Committee of THUMC will administer the Scholarship.  The Scholarship Committee shall be a subcommittee of the Christian Education Work Area and comprised of the following members:
  •  Higher Education/Campus Ministries Coordinator
  • Youth Ministries Coordinator
  • Director of Christian Education
  • 2 Members-at -Large designated by the Chair of Christian Education Work Area
  • Chair of Christian Education
  • Facilitator of Nurture
  1. The Scholarship Committee shall, with information to be provided by the THUMC Endowment Committee, determine by April 15th of each year the amount available for scholarships.
  2. Scholarships up to a maximum of $500.00 per applicant will be available each year.  The Individual scholarship amount will depend on the number of applicants, amount of money available, and the $500.00 maximum per applicant.  The scholarships will be given to the recipients at the beginning of each school year with proof of enrollment.  Proof of enrollment at a post-secondary institution is required before funds are distributed.  Money may be mailed directly to the school designated by the recipient or paid directly to the recipient whichever the recipient requests.
  3. All applicants may apply for the scholarship as many years as they are enrolled in school as long as the student receives a THUMC Scholarship no more than four years.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate applications using the following criteria:
  • Students applying after receiving the scholarship for one year must have at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, be a full time student, and be making progress toward graduation.
  • Students will list their service to the church and the community with their application.
  • Students will be members at THUMC.
  • Students will submit a list of their activities, honors, and work related experiences with their application.
  • Financial need will not be included as criteria for receiving a THUMC scholarship.
  • Students attending a United Methodist college are also eligible for a Conference scholarship in addition to the THUMC scholarship.  (They may apply through the Kansas West Conference.
  1. The Scholarship Committee shall make its selection(s) by May 1. All applicants will receive an equal amount.  Each applicant shall receive a letter from the Scholarship Committee announcing the decision of the Committee.  The scholarship(s) shall be announced at Graduation Sunday Recognition in the church.
  2. These scholarships are intended to encourage and support higher education of church members.
  3. The Scholarship Committee may interview the candidate(s).
  4. Trinity Heights United Methodist Church Endowment Committee shall manage the investments of the scholarship fund.
  5. As this scholarship fund grows, the scholarship committee may change this policy to include additional years for a student to receive money and change the maximum amount of money to be received by the applicants.
Revised 12/2011